FLO Vitamins for Acne

FLO Vitamins for Acne

FLO Vitamins for Acne

Let's face it: there is no good time for a breakout. But there's something about the combination of being bloated and crampy and grumpy as hell that makes premenstrual acne that much worse. Like, thank you, Universe. This zit right here, perfectly positioned in the most visible spot on my face...exactly what I needed rn.

Sarcasm aside, what’s a girl to do when a Mount Everest-sized zit just happens to set up camp on your chin? Attack it from all sides with topical treatments? Slather on the serums? Pray to the FaceTune gods and apply ALL the Instagram filters? Slow your roll, babes, we've got more than just a bandaid treatment for you—FLO is a literal vitamin for acne. 

Clearing up premenstrual acne is as easy as taking two FLO gummy vitamins per day. Seriously. The science behind it all is chasteberry, which happens to be one of the main ingredients in FLO. This tiny, mighty berry hails from the Mediterranean, has been used as an herbal medicine for over 2,000 years, and modern research suggests that it may help reduce instances of hormonal acne.


How, exactly? FLO's formula helps balance your hormones. By and large, your hormones (namely, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) are to blame for premenstrual acne. It’s the valleys and peaks of these hormones throughout your cycle that cause increased oil production, inflammation and closed-off pores, creating the perfect environment for those pesky PMS blemishes. Chasteberry helps you stay ahead of premenstrual breakouts by telling your hormones to chill TF out. Balanced hormones = happy skin.

While chasteberry is just one of three heroic main ingredients in FLO, it certainly takes the cake when it comes to clearing up premenstrual acne. The best part is, the longer you take FLO vitamins for acne, the more improvements you’re likely to see. We suggest giving it two full cycles of taking FLO gummy vitamins every day (this study suggests a daily dose of 40mg) to experience the full effect.

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