FLO began with a brother and sister turned best friends turned roommates turned partners in PMS problem solving.


I know, I know--I’m a dude. And like most dudes, PMS and periods aren’t my forte. Which, when you stop to think about it, is kind of a shame. Half of the world’s population has periods (at one point or another). And PMS affects over 90% of them. On the global scale, PMS is a BFD.

Upon learning the above not-so-fun fact, I began picking the brains of the ladies in my life. Lucky for me, I’m surrounded by some seriously inspirational women; an empowering mom, countless cool aunts, friends I consider family, and my best friend and roommate--my big sister, Brianna. And what I’ve learned from them about PMS and periods is this: PMS f*cking sucks.

I mean, I’ve always known that women are strong as hell (Brianna whoops my ass at almost everything) but I’m just now realizing that she, and the overwhelming majority of women, are kicking ass and taking names while simultaneously experiencing cramps, bloating, depression, exhaustion, lower back pain, acne, mood swings, and more. For on average, six consecutive days. Every single month.

I know I’ll never be able to understand what PMS is actually like. But that isn’t going to stop me from listening, learning, and trying to find a solution to the problem that is PMS. I founded FLO for all the women I know, and the ones I don’t. For every woman who has a period and experiences PMS. All 90% of them.

-Bobby Bitton, Co-Founder


PMS is a really strange thing. When you get your first period, you’re taught to accept it as something that just comes with the territory of being a woman. And despite the fact that it’s a widely known medical condition that the majority of women suffer from month in and month out--no one talks about it. Even when discussed among women, periods and PMS tend to be taboo topics.

So imagine my surprise when my brother Bobby started asking me about periods and PMS. After picking my jaw up off of the floor (and to be totally honest, shaking off a bit of shame), I did my best to detail the down-and-dirty realities of PMS. I expected him to run for the hills. To be completely freaked out, and to never ask about any of it, ever again. Instead, the opposite happened.

He had even more questions. Bobby wanted to know the who, what, and why of PMS. Who is affected? What does it feel like? And why did it seem like nobody was doing anything to solve the problem? As a woman who experiences PMS firsthand--I was embarrassed to have so few answers to his questions.

It sounds a little silly, to think that FLO came from a place of not knowing all the answers. But that’s exactly how FLO was founded. We set out to learn as much as we could about periods and PMS, and to solve a problem that affects more women than it spares. We founded FLO not only for me, but for our family and friends, and for all the other women who can agree: PMS f*cking sucks.

-Brianna Bitton, Co-Founder