How FLO Helps Mood

How FLO Helps Mood

How FLO Helps Mood

Does your PMS-self kinda suck? Is she slightly (or very) bitchy? Does she lose her cool when the barista screws up her cappuccino? Will she cry at any and everything, from romantic comedies to baby animals to broken nails? If you've answered YES to all or any of the above, we've got good news: the ingredients in FLO can help make your PMS-self suck less. Here’s how.

FLO’s three main ingredients are chasteberry, dong quai and vitamin B6. Past studies show that all three of these ingredients can help to improve the psychological symptoms of PMS; though each ingredient works in its own way. We’re big fans of this three-ingredient, multi-faceted approach, and here’s why: PMS moods are complicated. Any woman who’s ever experienced PMS moodiness knows that it can’t be summed up in one’s more like the weirdest emotional rollercoaster of your life.

For some PMS means crying when you’re happy, crying when you’re sad, and crying for no apparent reason at all. If that’s you, try not to burst into tears of joy when we tell you that a study found treatment with vitamin B6 to decrease unreasonable crying (along with bloating and breast tenderness--we’ll take it).

If you’re not so much of a cryer, and it’s more that your PMS-self is just perpetually pissed, well, here’s something to be happy about: this study found chasteberry extract to help reduce the irritability and anger associated with PMS. Another study showed B6 to be effective in reducing frustration.

As for all the other “can’t-quite-put-your-finger-on-it” feels? There’s a FLO ingredient for that. One study found dong quai to be an effective antidepressant, and concluded that it activates a signaling pathway in the brain that is directly related to mental health. Additional research reveals that B6 helps reduce candy craving and increased appetite, and further studies show that it can treat anxiety, sleeplessness, and even help with social withdrawals.

Yep, you read that last sentence right. Taking FLO might even improve your PMS-self’s social life by prompting you to get out of the house more. Who knows, she might just say yes to a blind date, hit the club, or crash a house party. How’s that for helping to make your PMS-self suck less?

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