The menstrual cycle & your immunity

The menstrual cycle & your immunity

The menstrual cycle & your immunity

Here at FLO, we’re all about being proactive about PMS, as well as overall health. Now more than ever, it’s important to understand immunity and keep your immune system in its best shape. Stress, sleep, and diet are among the key factors that affect your immune system - here’s how the menstrual cycle affects them.

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Whether it’s PMS related or not, stress can affect your immunity. Stress causes your body to produce greater levels of cortisol. In the short run, it’s not a huge deal, but if the body gets used to high levels of cortisol (aka if you’re spending more time stressed than not), the immune system can be compromised and leave you more susceptible to infection. Chronic stress can also decrease white blood cells, aka your immune system’s warriors, which can put you at higher risk for things like the common cold. Obviously, being less-stressed is beneficial for mental health and overall wellness, but it’s also key to maintaining a healthy immune system! 


We all love a good night’s sleep and can agree that waking up in the middle of the night is the worst. Menstrual-related hormone fluctuations may be the cause of restless nights that many menstruators experience at certain parts of their cycles, especially those with PMDD. Getting enough sleep is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system that can fight off infections and can improve the pace you heal and recover at.


You’ve probably heard this one before, but a balanced diet is pretty important for your immune system. A diet that is missing key nutrients can affect the production and activity of your immune cells. Giving in to period cravings doesn’t necessarily affect your immunity. However, consistently (and habitually) giving into unhealthy cravings can affect your immune system over time if your food choices don’t give you the amount of nutrients you need. Balance is key, babes!

Maintaining healthy habits and living a balanced life can strengthen your immune system and support overall wellness. A daily dose of FLO’s all-star ingredients can also help you have a healthier cycle - whether that’s being less stressed, getting better sleep, or experiencing fewer cravings. Learn more about FLO’s ingredients here!

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