is the first-ever PMS gummy vitamin, designed to make periods and the symptoms that come with them more tolerable.

 was born out of the realization that over 90% of women experience premenstrual symptoms (which BTW, there are over 200 of them), lasting on average, six days. This translates to cramps, bloating, depression, exhaustion, breast pain, acne, mood swings, and a multitude of other symptoms, for several days, before the actual bleeding even begins.

 is what happened when we decided we wouldn’t take PMS lying down (in bed, heating pads on our abdomens and carbs in-hand) any longer.

 is all-natural, and formulated without artificial colorings or flavors. Our vitamins are made from time-tested herbs, a bit of vitamin B6, and not much else. Because we have no time for the “time of the month” bullsh*t and even less time for sketchy ingredients.

 is for every woman who thinks PMS f*cking sucks, and wants to make it suck less.