Introducing: The Sex Collection

Introducing: The Sex Collection

Introducing: The Sex Collection

The Sex Collection: Vaginal Probiotics for better taste and smell, Urinary Tract Protection for health and comfort, PMS Relief for hormonal acne & bloating.
What's Inside:

Who: FLO PMS Relief
What: Offers relief from hormonal acne & bloating
Why: Feeling good about how you look exudes confidence & heightens pleasure.

Who: URO Vaginal Probiotic
What: Tackles unpleasant vaginal odor & discharge.
Why: When you know you smell & taste good, you can finally focus on reaching climax.

Who: URO Urinary Tract Protection
What: Helps prevent frequent or painful urination
Why: Ditch the worry of post-sex discomfort to truly enjoy the moment.

Click here to shop the collection and get relief—for more confidence, and better sex.

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