How FLO Fights Cramps

How FLO Fights Cramps

How FLO Fights Cramps

There are a lot of sh*tty things about PMS, but cramps might take the cake. Whether yours are of the sharp, stabby variety or the dull, lasts-all-day-long type, they hurt like hell and can leave you feeling zapped of all energy. After all, cramps are caused when your uterine muscles contract, not unlike the process of childbirth. YES you read that right. Cramps are kinda, sorta, pretty-damn-close to childbirth.

So when it came time to formulate FLO, it was an absolute non-negotiable that we find an ingredient that eased the pain from menstrual cramps. While there are plenty of chemical-laden treatments that relieve the pain associated with PMS, we knew we wanted something natural (and a lot more discreet than sporting a heating pad all day). For a long time, we came up empty. And then we discovered dong quai.

Though it may be fairly new to you--no judging, because it certainly was to us--dong quai has been used in Chinese medicine, especially in regards to women’s health, for over a thousand years. It’s harvested from high up in the mountains of China, Japan and Korea, and after seeing the results firsthand we totally get why it’s worth the trek.

While its scientific name is Angelica sinensis, dong quai is commonly referred to as “female ginseng.” Modern research proves that it’s certainly earned the nickname, as studies show that dong quai has the ability to relax smooth muscle within the uterus. As a result, you might notice lowered intensity of cramps and less muscle aches. Dong quai also contains ferulic acid, which acts as a natural anti-spasmodic, which is just a fancy way of saying it reduces the muscle contractions that often cause cramps.

And we haven’t even gotten to the best part. Further evidence shows that dong quai begins working its magic after just half an hour. *Insert record scratch here* Thirty minutes to treat what might be the worst thing about periods and PMS?! It really couldn’t be more simple than that. Crush FLO gummies (formulated with dong quai), kill cramps, get your energy back, then get back to business...because a babe like yourself has no time for “that time of the month”.

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