Debunking PMS Myths

Debunking PMS Myths

Debunking PMS Myths

PMS symptoms have been debated for years, probably centuries….actually, probably as long as PMS has been a thing. We’ve heard some pretty crazy things about PMS and wanted to share what science says is true. This month, we’re clearing the air on 3 of the biggest myths surrounding PMS.  

Myth #1 ‘Good Boob Days’

Like a good hair day, but for your chest? Kinda.

During your cycle, your breast friends may experience normal fluctuations in size, tenderness, and texture. In fact, your boobs can go through 5 different phases as your hormones fluctuate. Different hormones affect your skin elasticity, glands, etc that can ultimately cause your boobs to look and feel different during various phases of the hormone cycle. So yeah, you could be having good and bad boob days - FLO can help every day be a good one by helping you balance your hormones and reduce tenderness. 

Myth #2 You Sync’d Up Cycles with Your Babes

As relaxing as it sounds to have a night in while the whole squad is PMS’ing, your cycles didn’t synchronize on their own. Pheromones (airborne chemical signals released by individuals) were considered to play a role in causing synchronization, but more recent studies say otherwise. Menstrual synchronization is more likely attributed to individual cycle variability and the laws of probability, especially for those who are not on birth control. 

Research is still being done on this interesting phenomenon, but, for now, the best way to sync with your squad is to start your birth control pill packs at the same time.

Myth #3 It Gets Easier with Age

A lot of things get easier with age, PMS is not one of them 😒

As much as we might wish that our symptom intensity is the worst in our teens when we start PMSing, symptoms can actually worsen as we approach menopause in our late 30s or 40s -  a transitional phase called perimenopause. The good news is that FLO’s all-star ingredients can help relieve PMS symptoms for all ages, including those going through menopause.

Bonus Myth: PMS is all bad

While PMS is overwhelmingly associated with uncomfortable symptoms and lying in bed, many women have positive emotions and experiences before their period. Some of these include heightened creativity, greater confidence, increased perception of surroundings, and a stronger connection with the body. PMS doesn’t always suck - who knew?

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